Hey! My name is Selva and I'm a designer of all sorts.

Like most of you, I’m a home cook but with an intense enthusiasm for better-for-you cake and anything sweet! This is why our cake mixes have a homemade or made-from-scratch feel to them, which makes each of them special. However, I believe that the best quality ingredients provide the best results without copious amounts of sugar but instead contain other beneficial ingredients. Trying things outside the box is also important to me, so we stand out from the crowd with innovative flavours in our cake mixes.



Currently we have 8 cake flavors, and every recipe is expertly developed to ensure that when you bake at home, the results feel the same as a bakery with added benefits. Our cake mixes are different because we have options for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegans, making our products more flexible. We are so passionate about trying new recipes and techniques, that we even have our own Youtube channel where I showcase all kinds of cake recipes and behind-the-scenes. There are even recipes that we will eventually use in our pastry studio, so make sure to check out our videos or instagram!
Eventually, we will open a pastry studio to take orders for custom cakes and donuts! The plan is to bake everything from scratch with an artistic flair. The experience of enjoying our freshly baked goods in the form of art is what will make them incredible and fun! 


Since Iconicake is a wildlife ambassador for rainforest rescue, we make sure that everything we make is responsibly sourced with more plant-based and recyclable or compostable options. Full color mailer boxes with a second life are included for orders +$100; each box can be transformed into a 7-page mini cookbook or simply recipe cards, focusing on buttercream recipes. 
Our mission is to make treats with natural flavours without artificial preservatives. Certain cakes may contain less than 2% artificial coloring, however they are vegan-friendly! We also add the option for vegan sprinkles in our cakes which is also not natural; however we ensure that the sprinkles are sourced from a reputable supplier with exceptional ethical standards. The sprinkles are always included in a separate package, so if you want to keep the cake completely natural simply omit the food coloring and sprinkles. All our products are sourced and manufactured within the United States and Canada with an amazing team of suppliers


I'm so lucky to have a team of wonderful cake enthusiasts with a sweet tooth who love what they do! Our passion for sweets and friendship is what made this shop happen! At Iconicake, we make every day a celebration! This way, no one has to wait for good times to knock at their door and share the love with something sweet.