ICONICAKE is an up and coming e-commerce modern cakery based in
Montreal, Canada. Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we will only be shipping products internationally from November 2020.

The experience of enjoying cakes in the form of art with all-natural ingredients is what makes them incredible and fun with a nutritional twist at times! Ranging from hyper-realistic florals to flashy geometric pop art designs, every confection is unique and beautiful, entirely made by hand.

Each baked good is made with ethically-sourced ingredients such as cage-free eggs, grass-fed butter, real organic vanilla beans, petroleum-free food colors and the highest quality edible decorations, all sourced within North America. Therefore, not only do they look good – they taste delicious and every cake is baked from scratch each day to ensure freshness.

We specialize in 38 cupcake and 22 cake-based cookie flavors, where every recipe, is expertly developed to ensure that the sweetness level is, balanced without being too cloying. Since only quality ingredients are used – each cupcake is flavorful. Frostings are made with precision to create a fluffy cloud of buttery goodness that has a silky texture.

At ICONICAKE, we make every day a celebration! So, don’t wait for good times to knock at your door and share the love with something sweet. Opening in 2020! In the meanwhile follow us on instagram to get the latest scoop on what we’re upto! Want to try a recipe from the book, “Incredible”? Check out our stories!